Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The one advertisement

Check it out.

Well, sort of.

It won't be the old Cross Theology which you knew and loved, without which you couldn't fall asleep at night. But, well, hopefully it will be something.

In fact, it will be something! It has been growing on my conscience that this something should be! And here it is:

Cross Theology is back in business. Check in daily or weekly for an assortment of pertinent and important quotes and readings from my personal studies into the Church and her context in modern north America and the world.

Wait. Don't fall over! I know. It sounds far too good to be true. But hey, no need to thank me. It's my pleasure.

But, seriously, I hope I find some niche in your world once again, to benefit your growth in faith and life, as you seek to follow the Apostles teachings and apply that Gospel to your present tribulation.

Your servant,

Father Jonathan Fisk

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