Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A brief note of apology

For all of you who have been wondering if I fell off the earth, my apologies. I've been quite busy, which, truly is no excuse for not getting the podcasts out. So, here is my *real* excuses:

Easter was great. I used the new style again with great success, I believe. None of this: aww...look at all the sweet visitors, Jesus loves you blah. 1 Corinthinas 15: some of you do not know God, and I say this to your shame! If Christ is not raised...

Only problem...I ...forgot...to...record it.

So, Easter 2 I recorded. Only problem...I .... stunk.

In an effort to show how John in his Gospel makes a continual move through the entire text culminating in the Thomas encounter, I took the congregation on a page turning fiasco that led to a rather poor proclamation, I must say. My wife disagreed. She received law and Gospel, she confesses, and I do trust her barometer. Even so, my desire or preach the fulness (or my pride) is so great that I am not going to post the rather bleak attempt.

It is, after all, an experiment in progress. But I'm not giving up yet. There is too much at stake here. The people under my care are read to grow, ready to thrive in the Gospel. For myself, as well, I am convinced that with a little practice, (and learning from mistakes!), this new approach is a bit of a key to unlocking my particular gifts in the pulpit. If you liked my preaching before, I am convinced you will like where I am trying to go. Believe you me, the 200 proof Law/Gospel reality of my previous sermons is not Rev. Fisk's Law/Gospel, but the Law/Gospel of Scripture, and I have no intention of abandoning it, nor the cross. After all, this is

Cross Proclamation

Pax - and see you Sunday :)

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