Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let me just say...


It's been a fast flying furious fantastic couple of weeks here. I suppose I should start by introducting my new baby girl, Anastasia Aviella Fisk, born 5-11-07, at 6 lb 12 oz and 20". Good kid.

Then, we moved. Check that. We're still moving. It's only fifteen minutes away. (But with a 2 year old and a new infant - oh...and two new (used) cars which both need inspections, registrations, etc.)

All this being said, I'm amazed I preached at all. If I might say so, they were even "good." But, sad to say, I have recorded nothing for the last two weeks. My apologies. I'll add this to my long list of failurisms and feel guilty at least twice a day for a while for the sadness I've caused you. Please forgive, and pray for me, that I come through this chaos soon.

PS Ben...I never wrote back. Yes. 200 Proof Truth is all you. Well done.

Pax Christi sempre!

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