Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hebrews 11

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1:1-14 Supremacy of the Son as King
2:1-4 Warning against neglecting salvation
2:5-18 The Founder of Salvation
3:1-6 Greater than Moses
3:7-4:13 Warning: Possible to not enter rest
4:8-16-transition Rest and the Priestly sacrifices
5:1-11 The Melchizedeken Priest
5:12-6:12 Warning: Not enter rest by falling away
6:13-20 Center Excurses: The Certainty of Promise
7:1-9:23 transition A better covenant – a better priesthood
9:24-10:18 The Blood Sacrifice
10:19-25 (since, therefore now to not yet)
10:26-39 Warning: Fall away by not living in faith
11:1-39 transition faith people vs. otherwise
12:1-2 The Founder and Perfector of Faith
12:3-21 Warning against weariness
12:22-29 The Unshakable Kingdom (12)
13:1-25 The Christian life (13)
13:20, 25 Benediction

Green – The Main Point – Christ’s eternal and certain reign
Blue – The Bookends of Christlogy – Who is Jesus? (broad)
Red – The Offices of Christology – Who is Jesus? (narrow)
Purple – Warnings
Black – transitions and rhetorical devices/examples
Olive – a really cool section


Chaz said...

Isn't it interesting that in Hebrews Jesus is greater than the temple, the sacrifices, and the high priest, but not greater than Melchidezek?

RevFisk said...

Hmmm...I once heard a pastor make the case the Melchizedek is "God." Not Jesus..."God." He was very convinced. I'm sure he is a Trinitarian by confession, though I don't think he was thinking with his confessions at that point. Needless to say, I had trouble with that position then, and I still do now.

I also question whether or not the author to the Hebrews really intends us to conclude that Melchizedek was greater than Jesus, ...the outline implies otherwise.

I guess, from a fundamentalist standpoint, it is an open question in some regards - and that's where I let the rule of faith guide my interpretation (in this antilegommena book, mind you!)

Hebrews 1:5
"You are my Son,
today I have begotten you"?

That one tips me off: Jesus actually *is* greater than Melchizedek, even according to this "spurious" letter. ;)

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