Sunday, November 11, 2007

Luke 20

End of Days 2


Anonymous said...

Still listening.....thank you for crushing the heart of this "Pharisee" and raising it to newness of life!!! Would like to be able to read and meditate on your sermons???

RevFisk said...

Glad someone out there is listening. :D I'll keep posting. As for reading, that presents some difficulty as I have taken to preaching from an outline. I will see if I can provide a link to the outline which will allow you to "follow" along. I believe there is software available now which will input text for sound, but I'm not that advanced yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks!! Do keep posting!!! I have a feeling that i am not the "only" one listening....i appreciate your preaching a great deal!!! Trusting that all is well with you.

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