Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lent 3 - John 4



Eli said...

interesting photo. Where is that?


I am a fellow blogger covering one individual's efforts to alleviate world injustice. Adam Nieman, cofounder of sweatshop free clothing company called NoSweat apparel, hopes to see people "vote with the dollar" for peace in areas lacking it. The garment industry is an apt and primary example.

The company NoSweat Apparel fights against sweatshop labor and against poverty in the West Bank through means as simple as a t-shirt produced in factories operating in equality and justice. Their efforts hopefully spark what will become a widespread fire.

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Anonymous said...

Still anticipating.....
Still Listening.....
Still Receiving.....
Thank you for bringing His Word to my ears. His Word to me...for me!!!
I appreciate your faithfulness so much!!!

RevFisk said...


I'm not sure where the photo is. My guess is somewhere in the middle east. :D I found it online using google.

Anon - thanks for the support. So far as I can tell, there aren't a tone of listeners out there, so every week it can be a bit of a procrastination battle to get the upload, etc, taken care of. It always helps to hear your comments.

Little Sis said...

The picture is Jacob's well. I've been there and have seen it. Rev. Kaldahl

Howdy Rev. Fisk!

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