Monday, March 24, 2008

The Day of Resurrection

Genius that I am, I decided to turn my computer off, rather than "suspend" it, following the sermon yesterday. What that means is that, while I saved a small amount of battery power, I did not save the sermon.

My regrets to you who sought it here! Instead, maybe take a gander at this . Chris Rosborough is a thoroughly well versed, read and studied theologian, who came out of the evangelical world into the Lutheran Church. He has made a small career of studying Saddleback Community Church, it's methods, movements and theology. His insights on this link are well worth consideration and, I would also argue, a far cry from "conspiracy." As he has said elsewhere, "This isn't Oliver Stone. The LCMS is simply following the Purpose-Driven Playbook."

The site will show you that playbook. You can make the decision yourself. :D

He IS risen. Whatever happens, we "sheep led to slaughter" are precious in his site, especially in death. Rejoice! Death has no sting, and, though we have trouble in the world, the world has now been overcome!

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