Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Week Posting - It's Been a While, But Here's Some Good (and Bad) News

My apologies for the delayed absence in posting here. The final week in Lent I came down with something (flu?) which left me fever- and bed-ridden for five days. I haven't been sacked like that in a LONG time. After getting up again, the next week still left me feeling very weak and, at times, sweaty (yuck!)

All things being equal, I was also at last installed this passed Sunday at St. John ELC in Springfield, PA, outside of Philly. We will move into the area a week from Holy Saturday, into a parsonage which has just been purchased across the street, and closes on the 27th. We are VERY excited about this new future opportunity, especially in the midst of many other more disconcerting things, such as the lateral cancellation of Issues, Etc., this past week.

Woe to those who obscure the Gospel.

Speaking of the Gospel, here are some links for your positively itching ears:

Palm Sunday Sermon

Lent 4 Sermon

Midweek series - Spirituality of the Cross - Week 3 (unedited)


Benjamin J. Ulledalen said...

Glad to hear it!

The Lord's richest blessings be upon you this Holy Week, Pr. Fisk.

Preach the Law and Gospel this Triduum. Administer and receive the Lord's Supper. These are the only antidotes for the times we find ourselves in.

RevFisk said...

Thanks Ben! :D

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