Thursday, April 17, 2008

From "mission" to Contrition

In our wishy-washy day, the name of "mission" and the "conversion" of the "lost" has become a billion-dollar mass marketing industry. The irony of it all is that, the more money spent on such urgent compassion (all but demanding that people "be saved,") the more people see Christianity as a facade - a pious hide-out for self-justified, arrogant, intellectually lazy half-breeds.

How many of you no longer go to Church because you don't see the point? I can't blame you. I wouldn't attend 95% of the churches in my little town of Springfield. It's all a pyramid scheme, with the pastor on top trying to get you to give him money so he can play golf on Thursday afternoons while you visit the shut-ins.

More than a few have been driven altogether away from Christ by this movement of "compassion for the lost." So writes one experienced in that matter over at Stand Firm:

As a lay person who almost rejected the Christian faith due to spiritual abuse at the hands of such men 'ablaze' with such a supposed 'compassion' for the lost, I became a Lutheran because of the explosively liberating doctrine of the Reformation. So now when I hear that pastors in the Missouri Synod are using the very same rationale to avoid standing under the authority of Holy Scripture, I realize that honoring the holy ministry is one thing, whereas honoring the specious, manipulative, and damnable teachings of truly bad pastors is another....
Show me a pastor who does not care about doctrine or apologetics, and I will show you a man who does not care about the lost. When they complain about others who are concerned about sound biblical teaching, they really are saying that they do not want to stand under the authority of God's Word. They do not want their doctrine or practice to be questioned.... Such teaching is a public, deadly evil, and I will, by God's grace, keep my wife and children far from such men.

"The church cannot afford to waste time on incessant internal purification at the expense of the lost in the world"?

That is not the Lutheran way:

"Many say, 'Instead of disputing over doctrine so much, we should much rather be concerned with souls and with leading them to Christ.' But all who speak in this way do not really know what they are saying or what they are doing. As foolish as it would be to scold a farmer for being concerned about sowing good seed and to demand of him simply to be concerned about a good harvest, so foolish it is to scold those who are concerned first and foremost with the doctrine, and to demand of them that they should rather seek to rescue souls. For just as the farmer who wants a good crop must first of all be concerned about good seed, so the church must above all be concerned about right doctrine if it would save souls." --C. F. W. Walther, first president of the Lutheran Church - MS

Have you found this blog recently? Are you listening to the Word preached here? If so, then I ask you also to do this: Forget everything you ever thought you knew about Church. Forget everything you ever thought was the meaning of "Christianity." And start over. Don't let the past abuses of faulty pastors and people keep from you the Truth of Christ's Word, which is the seed of eternal life. If you've been blitzkrieged with marketing, decision-moments, and all the other agendas of the "mission-minded" (who cared more for your conversion than for you,) the know this: if they were not concerned with teaching, with doctrine, with the clear Revelation of Christ, rightly understood, from Genesis to the Apocalypse, then it you have been shammed. Christianity is something more. Discipleship is something more.

It's not only intellectual, it's Spiritual. It's not only spiritual, it's physical. It's not only physical, it's emotional. And it's not only emotional, it's the Wisdom which eludes even the wise.

Is that what you've been confronted with? Is that what you've been challenged by in the past? Or is that why you're listening to these sermons from a nobody preacher on a nowhere blog?

Consider it, and then rejoice. It's another chance. And this time, its real.

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