Saturday, April 05, 2008

KFUO Afternoon "Gospel"

According to the Missouri Synod spokesmen for the cancellation of Issues, Etc, the decision was made based for business (check that, "stewardship") reasons, as well as programmatic reasons. There are sites out there doing amazing work, using board minutes and budgetary documents to discuss the validity of this "stewardship" claim. It's rather worth the digging.

Meanwhile, Mr. Strand, the spokesmen, has also sent a mass-email to anyone who has written about their dissatisfaction with the decision (including myself,) which says, among other things:

"Please know that your comments have been heard and taken to heart...I invite you also to listen to “The Afternoon Show” on KFUO-AM, weekdays from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Now and into the future, it will be the constant endeavor of KFUO-AM management to offer the best in Gospel-based programming throughout the day—programming that reaches out to Lutherans, other Christians, and the unchurched, and all within a budget we can hope to sustain."

Really? I guess we could put the best construction on that statement. But we might want to put that best construction on after we have already listened. You can do that right here.

Now, one can complain about the poor organization of the show, which either was thrown hastily together just to get something on the air, or, was created by people who make radio, but probably do not listen to it. One can complain that it has the same flaws as the KFUO morning show, "Mid-Day Living Jubilee" and so on. One can talk about how it is simply boring. But I think the biggest complaint is that it has about as much "Gospel-based programming ... —programming that reaches out to Lutherans, other Christians, and the unchurched," as the Howard Stern Show.

The plot thickens. And I, for one, am working very hard not to let myself slip into a bitter, biased, cynical mood about the whole thing. I am reminding myself that the devil must tell lies, obscure the Gospel and appear to be the victorious angel of light - promising sweet lies and fruit but delivering perdition and death. This is what it means to be Christians. This is why we stand. "Precious in the eyes of the Lord" is martyrdom and suffering for the name. And so I also remember, I still can preach Christ from the pulpit. The people still need to hear him. the many who wander amidst the gray desolation of our age are still wandering, and even they would never come to Issues, Etc, if we did not dare to speak to them.

So we must speak. So we must walk. So we must pray and be immersed in the Word and Sacrament. So we must live on, from, in, with and under the Cross. It is the only Way.

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