Saturday, May 03, 2008

In the Name

Tomorrow, for the prayers of the Church, we shall use the Didache, chapter 10:

We give you thanks Holy Father
for your holy name, which you have caused to dwell in our hearts
and for the knowledge and faith and immortality, which you have made known to us
through Jesus, your servant;
To you be glory forever

You, Almighty Master, created all things for the sake of your name,
And you have given food and drink to mankind for our enjoyment, so that we might look to you,
But you have bestowed upon us a Spiritual food and drink, and eternal life through your Son
Before all things, we thus give you thanks, for your are mighty.
Yours is the glory forever and ever.

Remember your Church, Lord, to deliver it from all evil
And to make it perfect in your love;
and gather it, the one Church that has been sanctified,
From the four winds, into your Kingdom,
Which you have prepared for it;
For yours is the power and the glory forevermore. Amen.

Let grace come! Let this world pass away!
Hosanna to the God of David.
If any man is holy, let him come.
If any man is not holy, let him repent.
Maranath (which means, Come, Lord Jesus). Amen.


steve martin said...

I love it!

Thanks Rev,!

John said...

Great prayer! Thanks for using it in the Divine Service. I actually had it bookmarked in my copy of “The Apostolic Fathers”. I had forgotten how beautiful it is! - JZ

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