Sunday, May 11, 2008

That Post I Promised in My Sermon

Test the Spirits:

The Shack is the recent best seller in Christianity, following on the heels of The Secret. It is endorsed by such famed Christian artists as Michael W. Smith (who himself is one of most single-handed forces for the rise of "contemporary" music in "church.) Mars Hill Church of Seattle (on of the premier "mega-churches" in the USA provides the following clip which attempts to teach us the problems, and does about as well as Calvinists can, given their own Nestorian Christology.

Despite completely botching the Reformation interpretation of the first and second commandments, (and not looking very cool at all cause he can't sport a clerical like all truly hip pastors), he does a decent job exposing the simple logistics of the issue.

Why is the Trinity important? Aside from being the clear testimony of the early Church, without which no one can be saved, but is also the only possible way to have a God who is eternally a God of love (thank you St. Augustine.) There is more to the narrative revelation of who God is, as he reveals himself in Scripture, but for now this will have to suffice. :D

2. Fresh Fire Ministries is the realized fantasy of Todd Bentley. (see his video below) Leading revival by healings and modern prophecy, he is taking Lakeland Florida for his "God". Trinity Broadcasting Network has beens stealing money from millions by this "Word of Faith" movement for a long time. Personally receiving private info from Jesus lies at the center of this new (anti)"Christian" theology.

I'm glad this guy's not in a clerical. But the next guy is:

3. This guy, "the trailblazer," ("Bishop" Jordan) courtesy of Zoe Ministries, will tell your future for only $300. The psychic on the corner will lie to you for a lot less.

4. This is plain and simple blaspheme. But so is this, this and this.

5. Finally, is all this so very different from Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven "Church" movement, or any of the other countless "new" ways to fix everything in the Church? Read on at "A Little Leaven" for some great Lutheran interpretation of the problems with the Church Growth Movement.


Thanks to Chris Rosbrough for doing all the hard work. I look forward to hearing responses from any of you that were in Church this morning!


Karl Hess said...

I went to Mars Hill Church for about 2 years before trading it in for a TLH only congregation with 70 people on Sunday morning. Driscoll was very good at preaching the law.

RevFisk said...

That the most we can hope from places like his, I think...that they serve as the middle ground, and that, prayerfully, when the dropouts dropout, we can snatch them from the flames.

I have read Driscoll's "Confessions of a Reformation Rev." He had some very good things to say in the first half, mainly about how Church's need to preach Jesus again, and preach the text again. But then, about the time I was reading it, a good friend of mine visited Mars Hill. The sermon was from Nehemiah, and all about the new building project they were campaigning.

How the mighty can fall, I thought.

Thanks for the comment.

Karl Hess said...

He is bound to preach that way, because he is reformed. Before I went there, there was a sermon series on Song of Solomon, and Mark preached on it as a guidebook for Christian marriage, rejecting (if I remember correctly) the idea that it was a metaphor for Christ and his bride.

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