Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Epic Begins

We have begun!

The Philadelphia Lutheran Underground is holding it's first meeting of minds, souls, spirits and favorite drinks at the UPenn and Drexel area Starbucks, located on the corner of Market and 34th. In the upper room, at 7pm the EPIC begins as we covenant to take Philadelphia back for a starving generation.

You don't want to miss this weekly event which will equip you to more fully embrace your Christian life in this broken age
through Scripture, fellowship, and commitment to you your local Sacramental community.

Don't follow the white rabbit, neophyte. Get on the P.L.Underground.

For continuing information, visit the Revolution at www.ecrevolution.com, and log into the blog. Updates, Catechesis, Sermons, Videos and more more are available and coming soon.

The Revolution is Friday Nights at 7,

Rev. Jonathan Fisk
Overseer of Young Adult Discipleship & Outreach
Pastor, St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church

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