Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Excursus: History and the LCMS

Wisdom and Hope 2.1

Wisdom and Hope 2.2

Wisdom and Hope 2.3

Wisdom and Hope 2.4

Wisdom and Hope 2.5

Wisdom and Hope 2.6


John said...

Pastor, I just got a chance to enjoy the study from Sunday. Interesting conversion on the role of the Pastoral Office… I’m with you; we need to trust our orthodox pastors. Keep preaching and teaching the truth! - JZ

RevFisk said...

Thanks John. I would rephrase that only slightly:

We need to *trust* orthodox pastors more, precisely because, being orthodox, thye *don't* put their trust *in* themselves, but rather, they put their trust *in* Jesus. That's a leader worth following to the grave. :D

John said...

I agree, Sola Christi! Come Lord Jesus. – JZ

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