Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why I'm a Lutheran

Jon Bischof sums it up most marvelously!

I know that it would be easier for me and my family if we were not Lutheran. We would certainly be better off financially if we were not Lutheran.

But unfortunately, I feel that I have been forced into staying in Lutheranism. If I had never studied Lutheranism and if I still didn't know better, I could easily embrace some other denomination or congregation that would be more convenient for me.

But now that opportunity has passed me by because after having been sucked into Lutheranism...I can't get back out. The problem is that I have learned too much of the truth to be able to go back now to having less of it.

The beginning of the end for me was when I still questioned "What if the Lutherans are completely wrong about the Lord's Supper? What if it is really just symbolic?" Unfortunately, I studied the question in depth and the more Lutheran Theology I read on the Lord's Supper, the more hopelessly convinced I became that the Lutherans were not wrong about the body and the blood (dang that stubborn Martin Luther! and don't even get me started about Hermann Sasse--He is even more to blame for my present state of unchangeable Lutheranism!) .

Anyway, here's the crux of it: The Church of the Lutheran Confessions is the only church on earth that actually has all the Marks of the One True Christian Church [CAUTION: If you have never heard of the Marks of the Church--trust me, you do not want to know what they are. And if you do find out what they are, don't say I didn't warn you!]

If I were a pious person, I could be content in a Greek/Russian Orthodox Church. If I were a good person, I could be Baptist. If I were nice I could be Methodist. If I were really smart, I could be a Calvinist. If I were more comfortable expressing my emotions, I could have made a Pentecostal. But I'm actually a very selfish, mean and utterly bad person.

If I had to describe myself according to the 10 commandments, I would have to start at #10 and go backwards to keep it from being too embarrasing off the bat. By the time we get to the first commandment, you would already know that I have had "many gods"!

Needless to say, a murdering, whoremongering idolator like myself needs all the Means of Grace he can get his hands on to stay out of hell. And the Lutheran Church is the only place on earth I know of where I can get them all, get them often and get them for free.

Now if I hadn't done the study of Lutheran doctrine and the Marks of the Church, I might not know these things and I might be able to be a believer someplace else. But now the only way I can really be anything less than a Lutheran is to call Jesus a liar to His face. And when you are as big a 'son-of-a-bi#$@' as I have been...Jesus is about the only real friend I've got left. I guess I'm just not willing to walk away from Jesus in order to take up believing in things that I know are not true so that I don't have to be Lutheran anymore.

Ya'll see my predicament, don't ya?


John said...

Hey Pastor, thanks for the post. All I can say is… Amen!

egregious maximus said...

Hey Pastor, Jon B. is a classmate of mine ('90). Great class!
I'm a Lutheran because of a wonderful unpublished study titled "All the 'Lutherans' of the Bible." It started with Adam. Every author of every book in the bible.....Lutheran! Amazingly, all the apostles were "Lutheran." Yes, even Judas I. He, in fact was a great "Lutheran," like many today. And James, the brother of our Lord....Lutheran. So.... you get the idea.

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