Monday, August 25, 2008

Wisdom and Hope - 8-24

This week we watched a video from Concordia Seminary St. Louis on "Church," and "Church structure," especially in the LCMS. We did this with regard to the recently released plans for restructuring the LCMS, released by the Synodical leadership. (View video below)

(I HAVE HAD A GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE uploading the video due to its size and an apparent change in my webhosting. To view the video, one will need to use iTunes to get the free podcast. My apologies.)

The actual documents released by the Missouri Synod can be viewed here:

Walking Together - "White Paper" Proposals

Who Are We - "White Paper" Principles

My own response (garnered from insights I've read around the internet) can be viewed here:

Summary and Questions

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