Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wisdom and Hope Go Boom

Grrr on this one. We had a GREAT class today, but my computer froze and so all but the first ten minutes were lost. St. John is in the process of (prayfully) purchasing a digital video recorder so that we don't have to rely on my old beat-up laptops and a webcam capture. But things move slowly nonetheless.

One way to make things move faster is to have designated funding. For that reason, gifts to St. John ELC Springfield designated "Wisdom and Hope Camera" or "Digital Camera" would be highly effective in expediting this process for your sakes (that is, its not always easy to convince people who don't use the internet to spend "their" (GOD'S!) money on behalf of people who might use the internet.)

All the same, if you'd like to help us take this confessional Lutheran step into the 21st century, don't hesitate to write to:

St. John ELC
25 Scenic Rd
Springfield, PA 19064

This weeks class notes ARE available for you in pdf!

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