Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pentecost 17 - Matthew 18

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Muddy08 said...

Hesitant as I am as a Lutheran to use the f-word, I feel somehow grounded and complete in the faith I was so graciously born into after listening to you preach. I will continue listening. Thankyou for what you do.

RevFisk said...

Thank you, M -.

By f-word, do you mean faith? I didn't cuss in the sermon did I? If I did, then I'm getting senile WAY too early. :D

Seriously, though, thank you. I try very hard to preach the Gospel and the Law clearly, as Scripture delivers both to us. That you come away convinced of both the veracity of the faith AND your place in it for the sake of Christ is a boon to my heart!

Muddy08 said...

More than happy to provide a boon. By the "f" word I meant feel, and or feelings. Not that its wrong or bad to feel, its just that I can get caught up in thinking that I need to feel a certain way to have true faith. I often forget that Jesus promises are true for me no matter what I am feeling and that I need to take the focus off of me and what I'm feeling or thinking and put it on Christ and what he did for me. (us)

RevFisk said...

Feelings are like the wind: sometimes pleasant and sometimes deadly, but never a place to build a house on.

But feelings are a part of the whole human being and experience. I certainly would never want someone to confuse faith and feelings, but neither can I confess that Scripture teaches a "feelingLESS" faith.

Where we really get caught up in error is when we forget that most of the feelings of faith are what the world would consider unpleasant - remorse, shame, even despair. These feelings are countered by the clear objectivity of the Christ and his promises, which are true no matter how you feel. Yet, when one believes they are true, one can't help but feel something else, something heavenly - is it joy?

There is no such thing as a truly cold orthodoxy. True orthodoxy will always be warm, heated, as it were, by the passion (and I mean CROSS) of Christ himself. Too often have those who would conserve the true faith become their worst enemies by treating the human as if he were intellectual, and nothing else.

The enthusiasts love such a man - for he gives them fuel. "See! He is cold! That is BECAUSE he teaches doctrine. But we are warm for we have the spirit!"

That's a load of crap. But the way to fight it is not by insisting on our chilly preaching of Pieper in seven points. It is, rather, to actually care about what we believe, as much, if not more so, than the heretics.

pax to you

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