Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Funeral of Herman Gollwitzer - John 11



Kristin said...

Rest in peace, Professor.

He was my linear algebra teacher and really tried hard to help me understand it. There were lots of extra study sessions and he was always peppy and enthusiastic about how everything just somehow worked out. :)

A rather interesting thing is that his brother lives three doors down from me, here in Houston. It nice to know we're all connected.

RevFisk said...

It was a wonderful funeral, with a good showing, including most of Drexel's math department.

Thanks for the comment. :D

Kristin said...

Please, please tell me Donnelly was there. He was the ex-military man, very good posture, neck vein when he got..irritated, haha...very old school with the projector and the sharpey scribbles. Taught engineering calc. My first academic slap in the face.

My favorite memory of Prof. Gollwitzer was explaining how they got images back from the moon using matrices since the computers had so little memory back then...kind of an early version of compressing files. :)

I got it and I was kind of interested in linear algebra at that moment, but then he stopped talking and I lost it. :P

RevFisk said...

No. I don't believe he was. There was an older couple who were Eastern Orthodox, a little old lady who could be the granny from Red riding Hood, a man with a beard and bow-tie, and a younger man - middle aged.

But no ex-military. Not really.

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