Sunday, January 04, 2009

Wisdom and Hope Returns!

I think we have it!

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Robin said...

The practice of weekly Communion is a very important subject. As a former non-denominational Christian, the practice of Communion was done in remembrance of what Christ has done for us, and in obedience to Christ’s command – it was something we did for God (it seems absurd now). Coming to understand the truth about the Sacrament of Communion is what drew me to the Lutheran faith. That Christ came to me in the Sacrament for the forgiveness of my sins in a real and tangible way was an amazing revelation. Who wouldn’t want to receive that every week? As Christians, we hopefully desire the forgiveness of our sins – the more often I receive forgiveness, the better (I need it). Is the truth and blessing of the Sacrament diminished by a weekly practice? If anything, I think the opposite should be true. A weekly practice recognizes the importance of the Lord’s Table. This is where we truly commune together as a body. This is where we all say in agreement that we are sinners who need forgiveness. This is where we all come to receive it. The Lord’s body and blood for the forgiveness of our sins. What a gift!

"To begin with, we must repeat the prefatory statement that we do not abolish the Mass but religiously maintain and defend it. In our churches Mass is celebrated every Sunday and on other festivals when the sacrament is offered to those who wish for it after they have been examined and absolved." Apology of the Augsburg Confession, Article XXIV, 1.

Off topic: Closed Communion – Pastor Will Weedon has a recent blog post on the subject I thought was interesting. Here’s the link:

RevFisk said...

Well said! Thanks for the comment and link.

This week's class should be up soon.

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