Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In the Name of Jesus

Recently, I began a weekly E-News for the members of St. John ELC, where I serve, where the sermons you hear are preached, and where the classes you see are taught. The E-News contains, among other things, our calendar, information and hints for exploring the Lutheran world online, and a little tidbit called "Revitalization News."

Those of you who have found Babylon Falling more recently may not remember "Cross Theology." "Cross Theology" was my first blog, and it was a true blog. For a while, almost daily, I posted theology, thoughts and reflections from my final year at the Seminary. Though a return to blogging is likely not going to happen, the work I am doing in "Revitalization News" is quite similar.

The long and short of it will be helpful to know: St. John ELC will be participating in the English District-Missouri-Synod's "Revitalization Program." As with many things, there are strengths and weaknesses, but the reason for our participation is that we believe we can use this program to challenge ourselves to rethink and restructure ourselves in better reflecting and promoting our Lutheran confession of the faith. We do not necessarily expect the program to do this: we expect the program to give us the tools to do this ourselves.

For this reason, I invite you Lutherans who are out there in cyberspace to walk with us in this process, to read the E-News and leave your comments here for me, and, more importantly - the real reason I'm posting it at all - to be fed by that good old Cross Theology this burgeoning blogger once was so adapt at cranking out.

That all said, here are the links to the back issues of "In the Name of Jesus," the weekly E-News of St. John ELC of Springfield PA., including today's issue. Pax Christi!

In the Name of Jesus, 021009
In the Name of Jesus, 021709
In the Name of Jesus, 022409
In the Name of Jesus, 030309
In the Name of Jesus, 031009 (Today's issue)

PS...if you happen to make your way to the official site (the "back to St. John" link), just be warned: it is still very much under construction and has some real issues with Internet Explorer not reading the html correctly.

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