Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Week...

Due to a special weekend event at St. John, the sermon (a guest preacher) was not recorded and we did not have a regular study period. I apologize that this means you might have to go a week without your regular extra shot of cross theology. If so, listen to Easter Sunday's again - that was as good as it gets! :D

We return next week with our regular schedule, including the final two weeks of "The History of Weekly Communion" in the Wisdom and Hope study.


St. John ELC is at a turning point, and your prayers are requested and appreciated. We are confronted with the chance to strive to be the best confessors of the pure Gospel in Philadelphia that we can be, and I dearly hope we take it. It is a road fraught with challenge and even a little jeopardy. It means holding our breath a little, but keeping our eyes on Christ and him crucified as we swim to the end of the pool, trusting in him that he will build his Church - bringing his Kingdom when and where the Word is believed, taught and confessed.

It is our hope to believe it anew every day, to be taught it deeper every week, and steadfastly confess it both to ourselves and to those outside our walls more and more all the time.

As I said, please do keep this little outpost of the Reformation in your prayers, especially over the next five weeks.

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