Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Around the Horn – A Bit of News that Probably Didn't Make the Papers

A Murdered Baby – February 6th of this year, the Florida Board of Medicine revoked the medical license of Pierre Renelique, an abortionist who neglected to show up for a scheduled late-term abortion in July of 2006. As a result of his absence, clinic workers delivered a live 23-week-old baby girl, and then proceeded to stash the living child in a trash bag on the roof. Police, working on an informant's tip, were able to recover the dead body. Autopsy revealed that she had air in her lungs, and was therefore born alive. A second autopsy revealed that human action, presumably taken by the clinicians, was the cause of death.

Kicked Out of School – Lawsuit has been filed against Eastern Michigan University on behalf of a graduate student who was dismissed from counseling studies after her religious beliefs about homosexuality became apparent. The suit alleges that the civil rights of Julea Ward have been violated. When Ward was asked to counsel a client wishing to discuss a homosexual relationship, she followed her supervisor's instructions by referring the client to another counselor. In spite of her obedience, she was released from studies. After losing her appeal to the dean of the school, the case is now being brought to civil court.

Martin Luther, Roman Catholic Saint? – Reverend Gunther Gassmann, director of the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission, is asserting “ecumenical” pressure on the Roman Catholic Church to declare that it's excommunication of Martin Luther no longer applies. He believes that “in these ecumenically less exciting times...[it] would be a remarkable step and sign of hope.” While lecturing in Rome at the Centro Pro Unione, he claimed, “this changed evaluation of Martin Luther...would have an enormous impact....”

The Russians and the Pope on Contraception – A senior Russian Orthodox official has publicly backed recent remarks made by Pope Benedict XVI on the use of contraception to combat AIDS. “Virtually everyone in our church shares the opinion that a person's moral upbringing and the propagation of Christian values are the best way to avoid the spread of AIDS,” the Reverend Vsevolod Chaplin, deputy head of the Moscow Patriarchate said.

Atheist Pastor – Two regional parishes in the Netherlands have elected to take no disciplinary actions against a self-proclaimed “atheist pastor,” Klaas Hendrikse. Published in the Nederlands Dagblad, church authorities said that disciplinary proceedings would lead to “a protracted discussion about the meanings of words that in the end will produce little clarity.”

More next week. (Source: The Fellowship of St. James, www.touchstonemag.com)

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mlorfeld said...

Regarding the "lifting" of the excommunication of Luther... that's something that just can't be done and it is silly to even ask for that as Pope Benedict (then Ratzinger) said:
Since the Church's jurisdiction naturally only extends to the living, the excommunication of a person ends with his death. Consequently, any questions dealing with the lifting of Luther's excommunication become moot: Luther's excommunication terminated with his death because judgment after death is reserved to God alone. Luther's excommunication does not have to be lifted; it has long since ceased to exist."

Of course he went on to say that Trent's anathamas still stand... but where he (Ratzinger) is right is that anachronistic actions like this aren't the answer, hammering out our doctrinal differences are.

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