Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Without Mercy

Recently a friend asked me to pray for her friends. They are a young couple, in their late twenties. They've been married about two years, go to church, have careers and no kids. And now, they are thinking about getting a divorce.

This is a pretty common story. Too common. My heart breaks every time I hear it. And it breaks a little more when I hear the reasons given. If you've been watching John and Kate Plus 8, you've heard the excuses. This time was no different. “I need to find myself,” the woman had said.

“Searching for self” is the hobby of American culture. In a strange combination of enlightenment romanticism and good ol' fashioned therapy, the search for self is the real religion of this country. It explains why we are so lonely, whey we are so pressured, and why we are so tired. The world must literally, revolve around me – and that's a lot of work! This is why we buy so many things, chase so many dreams, exhaust ourselves in pursuits and are downright tireless in our neediness. We don't know who we are, but we believe firmly that if we just look deep enough into our wants and desires, we'll find a satisfying answer staring back. Our search has become so central to being an American that even committed Christians would rather bow down to its demands of personal fulfillment and the pursuit of happiness, than put their faith in their own religion which teaches plainly that divorce is not an answer that will bear good fruit.

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Pr. Lehmann said...

Good words.

I remember seeing a headline in which Jon made his protests about his "innocence" in his divorce.

"It's not lust, it's love." That's a lie, of course. He can only love his wife. If it's not his wife, it's impossible for it to be love since the person is not the one God has given him to love.

RevFisk said...

Thanks Chaz. :D

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