Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Week in, Week out

One week into life with a new baby and things haven't really lightened up. My folks headed for Kansas City early Monday morning leaving us slightly quieter house. There was a little extra fuss in re-ordering the bedtime routine without Grandma last night, but afterwards it all settled down quite nicely. Trinity even gave her mother a break with a six hour sleep session during the middle of the night.

Today we had a bit of a scare – nothing serious – but enough to significantly distract two young parents, not to mention keep me from sitting down to write this week's Enews until right now, about 5pm. Without going into detail, Trinity's umbilical chord was giving her a little trouble as it began to loosen and there was a small amount of bleeding. When Mer called the pediatrician, he said he wanted to see her, which meant, effectively, that Pastor Engler dropped let me out of his car following our circuit Greek study and I hopped right into our minivan – as Mer is still not supposed to drive. All five of us plodded down Cityline to spend more than a good hour in a sun-filled, stuffy examine room before we even saw a doctor.

The good news is that the chord is pretty normal, and even the small amount of bleeding is not unheard of. To boot, her bilirubin count is down, which saves us a scheduled trip this Friday that we now don't need to make.

The bad news is there is not great theological ponderings for the Enews this week. Except maybe this:

Every parent knows that feeling – the fear that comes one when we truly believe something “bad” might really happen to our child or children. It's a gut feeling, and you can't control it. It can be debilitating. It's always exhausting. We want to fix it. We go nuts if we don't have the power to fix it. An overwhelming passion to help and serve and have mercy comes over us.

Interestingly enough, this is precisely how God looks at us. That is why he sent Jesus. He saw us in our “bad,” with sickness and death and all the rest of the wreck we were making of it. Only, there is a difference: God is never helpless. Our Father had the power to fix it. So he did. He sent Jesus to be our Physician – the doctor who by the death of his own healthy body would make us all into a new Man.

That hardly makes little scares in parenting and life any easier. Today, I was no less impatient, worried or downright miffed at God for the lightly terrifying interruption to my afternoon. But it does reveal that, under God's Truth, my unease, my scares, my impatience and even my miffedness don't really matter. What matters is God – who he is – what he's done for us in his Son – and what he's sending his Son again to do.

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