Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter 3 - John 21


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Myrtle said...

I actually really appreciated the mini-lesson on how to read the book of John!

Truly, I savored all parts of this sermon, but I will also mention that I most especially welcomed the link to what we learned last week with what we see this week to what comes next.

I also reveled in how you pointed out the difference in Peter's reaction...leaping over the boat in absolute faith rather than demanding Christ save him should he fall. Oh, I wish I leapt more of the side of the boat more, but I am comforted by the emphasis you made that it was not some great work of Peter's but the faith that was given to him which propelled him overboard.

Thank you, Pastor Fisk, for posting your sermon audio files so that the Living Word you offer can be received in the manner in which it was fall upon our ears so that the Holy Spirit might work it deep those who hunger for the proper division of Law and Gospel, even if preached in a parish miles and miles and miles away.

This is also, by the way, a most helpful format for those of us who need to listen to sermons a few times over to catch all the riches therein.

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