Sunday, August 15, 2010

Works of Extreme Stupidity

Ok, so today I was more than dumb. After recording the sermon, I closed the software program without saving it. I immediately had one of those crushing feelings, like when you just met some one and have forgotten their name, and then call them "Barb," and they say, "No dear, I'm Debbi."

I was like that.

So. My apologies. Next week we'll be back on the air. Until then, our Lord is with you in your Baptism, even to the very end of the age!


Anonymous said...

I read "Liturgy as Beacon for God's Elect" by Pastor Curtis. It is quite a bit shorter than the communion document. I will pass it to my husband for his thoughts. I also found a statement on the LCMS website entitled "Of the Election of Grace".

Have I been out to lunch for 20 years, or can it be these topics aren't discussed much?

Now, for something completely different, and relevant. I found some stuff at CPH for my older son and husband to read/study together probably next year. Both cheap at only $4 each on sale. One on Christian Vocation by Angus Menuge, and another on Marriage and Family by Greg Seltz.

I think these topics are very relevant to youth because they need to have ideas already well formed before they have to actually face these challenges. I would think youth ministry would routinely address these aspects of life and the relevant Bible teaching. However, back when I was helping with youth group, I don't recall ever discussing these much. Chastity, yes but not marriage and family. Since you were discussing the youth gathering event and the uh, what seemed to me particularly irrelevant topics like prayer walking, I just thought I would put in my 2¢ as a parent.

Prayer walking as a beacon for the restless?
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

RevFisk said...

You've not been out to lunch. We haven't publicly focused on theology for over a decade.

Otherwise, I couldn't agree more. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

As a mother of boys, I find the following and extremely relevant topic for youth ministry:

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