Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent 3 - Genesis 12 and 15


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Buks said...

Yes, Yes, Yes... you most certainly get an amen for that. Thank you pastor fisk for this. As you were talking about the way the God cut covenant with Abraham, I find myself crying because of Gods undeserved mercy and grace.

As a recent lutheran (about 6 months), I am finding it difficult to find a local lutheran church in Cape Town South Africa, but have, none the less been just finished listening through ALL of back-issues of the disturbing, yet compelling manly doctors, which is how I got to worldview everlasting, which I love, and now have found your sermons thanks to google search, this being the first one that I have listened to. So, please keep them coming. I am excited that this, being the start of the new lectionary as pointed out on your videos, I will be following along from the bottom tip of Africa...

Buks Hanekom.

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