Friday, June 03, 2011

A Heads Up on Hosting

Hey to all of you who get a little extra sermon umph here every week. My old hosting domain is about to expire and I do not plan to renew it. I will probably be hosting any new sermons on the new domain: What will be changing here is that the last three years of back sermons which can be streamed and downloaded from this site will no longer be available (at least, not for the time being.) I hopefully will get them switched over eventually as an archive file, but I will not be able to manually fix all the old links.

So, if you want any of those sermons, start your donwloads now!

Future sermons will continue to be posted as regularly as usual.


1 comment:

PCH said...

Pastor Fisk your content is great wherever you post it. Hope that adding your sermons to WE will increase the number of people who will have exposure to them. I will miss your witty blog title though.

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